English Poem for Class 8

English Poem for Class 8 – Are you a teacher or parent looking for best English poems for your class 8 students? Well, you are at the right place! Teaching poetry to middle school students can be both challenging and rewarding. Engaging young minds with language, rhythm, and creativity can lay the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of literature. In this article, we will explore some captivating English poems that are made for class 8 students. Let’s dive into the world of poetic expression and imagination.

English poems for class 8 recitation competition

English Poem for Class 8 image
English Poem for Class 8 image

The Journey Ahead – English poem for class 8

On a path unknown, I take a stride,
With courage as my faithful guide,
The road unfurls, a story untold,
As I journey on, both young and bold.

Challenges like mountains loom,
Yet within me, determination blooms,
With each step forward, I embrace the chance,
To learn, to grow, to truly advance.

The past may whisper, memories sweet,
While future’s promise is at my feet,
In this present moment, I find my way,
Carving a future, day by day.

Friends and mentors, by my side,
Their wisdom and warmth, a gentle tide,
Together we face the world’s embrace,
Sharing laughter, tears, and grace.

So here I stand, with dreams held high,
A world of possibilities in the sky,
The journey ahead, a canvas to paint,
With hope as my compass, fear I’ll taint.

For life’s an adventure, a tale to weave,
With each chapter written, I’ll believe,
In the power within me to chart my course,
Onward I’ll go, with passion as my force.

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The Starry Night’s Embrace – English poem for class 8 competition

Beneath the velvet sky so deep,
Where countless stars their vigils keep,
I gaze upon the cosmic sea,
A realm of dreams where I am free.

The moon, a beacon shining bright,
Guiding me through the silent night,
Constellations, stories spun,
A tapestry of wonder, second to none.

I wish upon a shooting star,
For hopes and dreams that travel far,
As galaxies twirl in cosmic grace,
I find my own special place.

The universe, a boundless maze,
Filled with mysteries that amaze,
In the starry night’s enchanting hold,
I journey on, both brave and bold.

So let us cherish this celestial dance,
A glimpse of eternity’s expanse,
In the night’s embrace, we find our trace,
A part of the cosmos, a wondrous space.

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Whispers of the Sea – English poem for class 8 on nature

Beneath the sky’s vast, cerulean dome,
Where waves caress the shore, I roam,
The salty breeze whispers secrets untold,
Stories of the sea in treasures unfold.

Seagulls dance on currents high,
Their calls a part of nature’s lullaby,
Footprints in the sand mark the way,
As the tides paint new scenes each day.

With shells like jewels upon the sand,
I gather dreams in my open hand,
Sunset’s canvas of pinks and gold,
A masterpiece of wonders to behold.

The ocean’s depths, a realm unknown,
Where mysteries and marvels have grown,
Creatures of beauty, strange and rare,
In the underwater world, they share.

Oh, the tales the sea could tell,
Of shipwrecks and sailors who once sailed well,
In its embrace, a world so free,
The whispers of the sea speak to me.

So I’ll listen to the waves’ gentle song,
As they carry stories from times long gone,
In harmony with nature’s grand plea,
To protect the oceans, wild and free.

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Dreams of Flight – English poem for class 8th

In dreams of flight, I spread my wings,
A soaring journey where my heart sings,
Above the clouds, among the stars,
I explore the universe, near and far.

The wind’s embrace, a gentle guide,
As through the heavens, I gracefully glide,
I touch the moon with fingertips light,
And paint the skies with colors bright.

With feathers of hope and courage anew,
I chase the sun’s path, a golden hue,
Through endless horizons, I boldly roam,
A universe of wonders to call my own.

But morning’s light, it beckons me near,
To leave the dreamscape I hold dear,
Yet in my heart, the skies remain,
A world of possibilities, free from chain.

So as I wake, a yearning stays,
For those boundless skies and endless days,
With dreams of flight, I’ll always be,
A soul set free, forever me.

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In Nature’s Embrace – English poem for class 8 cbse

Amidst the whispers of the trees so tall,
Where sunlight weaves a golden sprawl,
Nature’s canvas painted with hues so bright,
A symphony of colors, a wondrous sight.

The river’s song, a melody serene,
Reflecting the sky’s ever-changing sheen,
Mountains stand as guardians bold,
Stories of time within them, untold.

Fields of green, a gentle dance,
Where flowers bloom in elegance,
Butterflies waltz with grace and glee,
A world of life, so wild and free.

Oh, let us cherish this Earth so dear,
For every moment we spend here,
In valleys low and mountains high,
Nature’s beauty shall never die.

So let’s be stewards, wise and kind,
Preserving the treasures we’re blessed to find,
In nature’s embrace, hand in hand,
Together we’ll protect this precious land.

A Garden’s Whispers – English poem for class 8 icse

In a garden where colors intertwine,
Nature’s masterpiece, divine,
Petals unfurl with grace and flair,
A symphony of scents, beyond compare.

Bees hum a melody, as they roam,
Collecting nectar, nature’s own,
Butterflies waltz in the golden light,
Painting the day with colors so bright.

Beneath the soil, secrets reside,
Roots that anchor and quietly bide,
Life’s cycles, a dance of birth and decay,
In this enchanted garden, night and day.

Whispers of growth, a gentle plea,
To care for the earth, to let it be,
For in this sanctuary, life is embraced,
A garden’s beauty, love’s masterpiece.

So let us tend to this living art,
With tender hands and an open heart,
In the garden’s whispers, lessons bloom,
A reminder of life’s precious tune.

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Boundless Imagination – English poems for class 8 recitation

In the realm where dreams take flight,
Imagination soars to wondrous height,
A canvas vast, a universe untamed,
Where the mind’s creativity is acclaimed.

With a stroke of thought, I paint the skies,
Dipping my brush in endless dyes,
Mountains rise and rivers flow,
In this world of make-believe, I go.

I ride on clouds of cotton white,
And chase stars that gleam in the night,
I conjure castles in the air,
A world of magic, beyond compare.

In this sanctuary of mind’s creation,
I find solace and pure elation,
Boundless horizons, no rules to bind,
Just the limitless expanse of my own mind.

So let us nurture this gift we hold,
Imagination’s treasure, a story untold,
For within its depths, we all can find,
A universe of wonder, uniquely designed.

The Bard’s Legacy – William Shakespeare Class 7

In ages past, a poet’s quill did dance,
A wordsmith’s craft, a playwright’s chance,
William Shakespeare, his name renowned,
His tales and verses forever unbound.

“Romeo and Juliet,” a love so true,
Two star-crossed souls, a fate they knew,
“To be or not to be,” Hamlet’s quest,
Philosophy woven, put to the test.

With comedies like “Twelfth Night” so bright,
Laughter and mischief, hearts take flight,
“Macbeth” and witches, a tale of dread,
Ambition’s grip, where darkness spread.

In “Othello,” envy’s poisonous seed,
Shatters trust, a tragic creed,
“King Lear” shows human hearts’ array,
A kingdom’s fall, emotions at play.

Oh, Shakespeare’s words, a timeless art,
Across the years, they never depart,
In Class 7, we glimpse his grace,
A legacy woven, in each heart’s space.

So let us read, and let us explore,
The plays and sonnets, a treasure store,
For in his verses, we find our own,
A journey of learning, beautifully shown.

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A Glimpse into Austen’s World – Jane Austen Class 7

In pages worn and stories penned,
A world of manners and hearts to mend,
Jane Austen’s tales, a delicate grace,
Class 7 delves into this enchanting space.

“Pride and Prejudice,” where love unfolds,
Elizabeth and Darcy’s story molds,
Society’s dance, wit and charm,
Lessons learned, emotions warm.

“In Emma’s world, matchmaking’s game,
Innocence and folly intertwine and claim,
Through Austen’s eyes, we understand,
Human nature’s intricate strand.

“Sense and Sensibility,” sisters dear,
Their trials and triumphs crystal clear,
Marianne’s passion, Elinor’s poise,
In Austen’s world, wisdom voice.

With quill in hand, Jane Austen wrote,
Her characters’ lives she carefully smote,
In Class 7’s realm, we journey through,
Austen’s words, so rich and true.

So let us step into her tales,
Discover truths as each detail unveils,
In Austen’s world, we find delight,
A treasure trove of insight.

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Discovering Worlds Through Books – English poetry for class 8

In pages bound with words so true,
A portal opens, inviting you,
To realms unknown and tales untold,
Where stories of wonder gently unfold.

A wizard’s wand, a dragon’s roar,
A quest for treasure on a distant shore,
With every line, a new adventure takes flight,
Guiding us through the day and night.

Through forests deep and skies so wide,
Characters brave, with hearts as their guide,
In books we find courage, love, and lore,
A treasure trove of lessons galore.

The power of words, it knows no end,
A universe in pages, a loyal friend,
Class 8’s journey, with books in hand,
A world of imagination, forever grand.

So open the cover, let your mind roam free,
In the boundless worlds of possibility,
With every story, a new path to tread,
Through the pages of books, our dreams are fed.

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